Raizou and Saburou

Students at Ninjutsu Gakuen

Kunoichi Sanningumi

Yuki, Tomomi, and Shige-chan are the three main kunoichi, or female ninjas (nintama). Yuki has long red hair, Tomomi has dark hair, and Shige-chan looks like a female version of Shinbei. These three girls are much more mature and have a lot more skill than any of the boys in Ichinen-hagumi.


Yuki is usually the leader of the three, and probably the most dangerous.


Tomomi and Yuki are best friends.

Nintama Rantarou manga


NEW! Shige is a character who is only in the anime. Though she does make a brief appearance in the Princess Comics: Nintama Rantarou manga, she does not exist in the primary manga series, Rakudai Ninja Rantarou (see Level 4: Manga for more information) . She is Shinbei's friend.

Ikeda Saburouji

Ikeda Saburouji is one of the students in 2nd year-igumi. There's a lot of rivalry between the second year students and first year students.

Igasaki Magohei

Igasaki Magohei is a 3rd year-igumi student. The things he loves most are his pets: a poisonous snake named Junko, a scorpion named Junichi, another snake named Kimiko, and any other number of poisonous creatures. His character design underwent significant changes from the first series of the anime to the second. Junko also changed from a green snake to a red snake (there is a picture of Junko and Junichi on the "Links" page).

Tamura Mikiemon

Tamura Mikiemon is in 4th year-rogumi. His favorite weapon is a large cannon. His rival is 4th year-igumi Takiyashamaru (see below).


4th year-igumi student Takiyashamaru is the most cool and popular student at school - or so HE seems to think. His favorite weapon is the senrin (a ring-shaped thowing knife). Because I've never seen his name pronounced any other way, I don't know if it's one word or two. So I just left it concatenated.

Fuwa Raizou

Fuwa Raizou is in 5th year-rogumi. He's generally a nice guy, and gets along with Rantarou and the others.

Hachiya Saburou

No, that's NOT who you think it is! It's actually Hachiya Saburou, 5th year-rogumi student and master of disguise. In fact, he always seems to be wearing a disguise. His favorite person to impersonate is Raizou, his friend and classmate.

Nanamatsu Koheita

Nanamatsu Koheita is a cheerful 6th year-rogumi student.

Tachibana Senzou

Tachibana Senzou is a handsome 6th year-igumi student.

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