Nintama Rantarou Goods

Despite what Kirimaru would like, none of the stuff on this page is actually for sale here. It is all owned by me, and this is meant only as a reference. And this is by no means a comprehensive reference. As with most young children's shows, there was a LOT of incidental merchandise made for Nintama Rantarou. And I'm not really interested in owning all of it. However, on this page I will list some of the character goods and items that I've been able to find. If you are looking for certain items, your best bet is probably to look at Yahoo Japan auctions. Barring that, you really just need to come to Japan to look. Because it is an older show, and because it isn't extremely popular among the more "hard core" anime fans, this sort of merchandise isn't often listed with online sellers. You can always ask them to look for you, though. Anyway, good luck.

The ULTIMATE Rantarou Item

Signboard of AMAKO Soubee

This is a signboard signed by AMAKO Soubee, the creator of Rantarou! I am SO excited that I was able to buy it! You can see a larger image if you go to my Cel Gallery.

Follow the links to find the objects of your desire!

Telephone Cards
Laminated (Idol)
Cards and Post Cards
Shitajiki and
Clear File
Trading Cards
Menko (Pogs)
Clothes and Accessories

Class List