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Telephone Cards

There are many telephone cards for both the anime and manga series of Nintama Rantarou. I'm still deciding which ones I want to collect. These are the ones I've bought so far.

This card is numbered 0696G, released by MOVIC. It was produced for the movie, Eiga Nintama Rantarou, and originally cost 1000 yen (and has 50 units, like most collectable telephone cards). I think it's a really cute card! It's even got a herd of Dokutake ninja led by Happousai in the background. This card is from 1997. It was an NHK promotional item. It came in a folder with a picture of the NHK headquarters on the front and a brief history of the network on the inside. I particularly like this card because it has SO many characters on it, including quite a few of the older students and even Shadou-sensei.

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