Nintama Final Exam! - Answers!

Each question is worth one point. When you finish checking your answers, add up your score and see how you did at the bottom of this page!

    • 1. Which of the following is unforgivable, according to Shokudou no Obachan?
        a. sneaking food out of the cafeteria
        b. leaving food uneaten
        c. leaving a puddle of snot on your plate
        d. talking with your mouth full

    "Onokoshi wa urushimahende!" In the anime, this is both a warning and a promise. Don't even THINK about leaving so much as a grain of rice or a sprig of parsely behind, or you WILL regret it.

      2. Which of the following is true about Yamamoto Shina-sensei?
        a. she is an old lady kunoichi who sometimes dresses up like a young woman
        b. she is a young woman kunoichi who often dresses as an old lady
        c. only the teachers at the school know her true age
        d. not even the teachers at the school know her true age

    One minute she looks like a kind old lady, but before your eyes she can change into a beautiful and dangerous woman. No one, not even the other teachers, know for certain which is her true face.

      3. Yamada-sensei's son is:
        a. uglier than his father
        b. really damn cool
        c. Yamada-sensei has a son?
        d. Hieta Happousai

    Uh, did I mention that I am a big fan of Rikichi?

      4. Which of the following main characters from the anime is not in the manga?
        a. Hemuhemu
        b. Hieta Happousai
        c. Shige
        d. Yuki

    Shige-chan is only in the anime, waiting to help Shinbei blow his nose when the situation calls for it.

      5. What is Doi-sensei's given name?
        a. Hansuke
        b. Yuusuke
        c. Sansuke
        d. Denzou

    As Kirimaru once said, that's "han" as in chuutohanba (half-finished) and "suke" as in sukebe (lech).

      6. Which of the following is not true about Daisankyoueimaru?
        a. He was a pirate who didn't know how to swim
        b. He sometimes provides fresh seafood for the school
        c. He uses small boats shaped like large waterfowl
        d. He wants to become the pirate king and find the treasure known as "One Piece"

    Actually, the real character who fits this description is Monkey D. Luffy, from the manga/anime One Piece by Eichiiro Oda. It's another great series - go read it today!

      7. Hieta Happousai is:
        a. an old pervert who steals women's underclothes
        b. Yamada-sensei's son
        c. a man whose head is too heavy for his body
        d. actually a woman

    The Dokutake leader Hieta Happousai is slightly unbalanced -- in more ways than one.

      8. In the song Nintama Family Goshoukai (Introductions) no Dan, which of the following characters does not have a verse?
        a. Gakuenchou
        b. Hemuhemu
        c. Tomomi
        d. Yamamoto-sensei

    But he does have his own CD, so he can't really complain too much.

      9. Which of the following is not true of the anime series?
        a. there are currently three sets of videos for the television series
        b. there is a movie
        c. the series is currently on-the-air in Japan
        d. the series is produced by Toei

    Toei produces a lot of different anime series, but Rantarou isn't one of them. Pony Canyon and NHK are the parties responsible for this madness.

      10. Which of the following is true?
        a. Nintama Rantarou is a great series!
        b. I love Nintama Rantarou!
        c. I want to see Nintama Rantarou!
        d. All of the above!
  • Actually, any of these answers is correct. Give yourself one point!

    How did you do? Did you have what it takes to be a Nintama Rantarou master?

    • Less than 5 points:
        Gakuenchou is not happy, and decided to change your class to "n-gumi" until you can pass his test. Go back and study. You still have much to learn.
      5-6 points:
        You pass, but just barely.
      7-8 points:
        All right, you did it!
      9-10 points:
        Congratulations! You aced the exam!! Either you really know your stuff, or else you cheated by looking ahead. It doesn't matter - cheating is part of the test at Ninjutsu Gakuen.

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