Sing Along with Rantarou

The Music of Nintama Rantarou

The music of the Nintama Rantarou anime series is almost as much fun to listen to as the series is to watch. It's almost impossible not to sing along to the opening theme, "Yuuki (Courage) 100%", a bouncy, cheerful song. It seems like some songs are missing, which is a shame because I really like the regular version of the first ending theme, Dancing Junk (the lyrics don't make much sense, but it's really catchy!). The most disappointing thing about the CDs that I have is the lack of original background music. Some of the background music in the tv series is just wonderful. I hope to find more CDs, and hopefully some of the ones I'm missing will have that music. And I also love the interior artwork in the books.

Because there are so many CDs, I have divided them among three pages.

Nintama Rantarou OST cover
Original Soundtracks
Dancing Junk
CD Singles
Hemuhemu's Guide to the Classics
Other CDs

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