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The Story of Kit and Usa (Conclusion)

"My name isn't Foo-foo!" said the rabbit indignantly, "It's Usa."

"It is?" asked the Rat Fairy. "Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. You think I don't know my own name?"

"Well...heh, heh," laughed the Rat Fairy nervously. "What do you know? Wrong rabbit. Sorry about that!" And suddenly the Rat Fairy flew away, disappearing into the trees.

"HEY!" yelled Usa angrily. He looked up at Kit. "Who does that fairy think she is, running around, attacking people like that. Wrong rabbit. Yeah, right. And I'm the Easter Bunny."

"Really?" asked Kit.

"No, I was being sarcastic."


"Um, just so you know, you don't have to eat me now," said Usa.

"Don't worry," said Kit, grinning. "I'm not going to. Say, wanna play kick the stone? There are a ton of them down by the river."

"That sounds fun! Maybe we can kick them at some field mice," said Usa.

"I thought you didn't hurt field mice?" asked Kit.

"I just said my name wasn't Foo-foo. I never said I didn't like to tease mice."

And that's how Kit and Usa, the fox and the rabbit, became best friends. And from that day on, Usa hardly ever picked on mice and rats, and Kit almost never thought about eating Usa. And they lived happily ever after.


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