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Other Legend of the Galactic Heroes sites

LoGH.net! Legend of the Galactic Heroes Information Center
- an LoGH fanclub

Dragon Ball and other Jump manga sites

Jump homepage (Japanese only)
EX Magazine - with Jump magazine updates in every issue!
Jump updates
The Dragon World
The WildHalf Forever Project
One Piece

Other Cel Galleries

Anime Online Art Gallery Unbelievable Dragon Ball Z cels at Marisa's gallery, and cool cels in other galleries as well. Wow!
Bulleta's Gallery We have similar taste in Dragon Ball cels
Amber-chan ni omakase! Another cel gallery with some really nice Dragon Ball cels

Other Anime/Manga/Videogame sites

Anime Web Turnpike
Humming Bird World (Japanese only) If you like Fire Bomber in Macross 7, check out Humming Bird's web site!
Macross A great site for all Macross fans
THE UTENA ENCYCLOPEDIA Everything you ever wanted to know about Shoujo Kakumei Utena
ZIGGURAT9 A site by the original character designers of several of the main characters in Xenogears! Check it out!!
CLAMP-NET (Japanese only?) The official CLAMP webpage
Cephiro A great Rayearth page
World Masterpiece Theater Anime Listing
The World Masterpiece Theater

Other cool sites!

Illiop.org A great source for information about Teddy Ruxpin and links to other Teddy Ruxpin sites
The Official Weird Al Yankovic Web Site (The Bermuda Files)
Zilpha Keatley Snyder - a homepage of one of my all-time favorite authors!
The Unofficial Harry Potter Fan Club
Japanese Harry Potter Fan Club (Japanese only) - There's some really neat fanart here
Harry Potter Encyclopedia from the Japanese Harry Potter fanclub - in English
The Magic Garden - Another Magic Garden site
Mr.T vs Everything!
TheFoodCourt - An often hysterically funny anime parody page. WARNING: some of the content is not suitable for young children
Boneville - the official homepage for Jeff Smith's comic BONE.
TMBG - They Might Be Giants official homepage
Elfquest.com - The official site for Elfquest and Warp Graphics
Alpha Trion's Transformers Database - a good reference for information about Transformers
Brave Combo Official Website - the Grammy award winning band from Denton, most famous for their polkas
Penn & Teller - The comedy magicians' official homepage
The Dilbert Zone
Official Queen website - The band's official website

Some really USEFUL reference sites

HTML Tag List Frequently asked questions - Tips & Tricks
Japanese Things to be Found in Texas - A reference page by Curtis Hoffman
The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
Whatis.com - lots of information about computers and the internet, including a nearly comprehensive list of file extensions
World Wide School Library - read that book you never had time to read before online
Brian Hall ColorServe Java - help you figure out that hexadecimal code for the color you need on your webpage
Is there a juggling club nearby? - find a juggling club near you!
The Easter Egg Archive - find out what hidden secrets are in your favorite software applications!
The Love Calculator - find your perfect match ^_-
Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc. International Petroleum Consultants

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