Dragon Ball

My current goal is to collect cels from early in the Dragon Ball series, especially from pre-Piccolo-daimaoh. However, every now and then I see a Dragon Ball Z cel that I can't pass up. Perhaps surprisingly, I don't own a single Super Saiyajin cel. But if anyone finds any Red Ribon Army cels for sale, I would love to know!

New! Thanks to those who have helped identify the correct periods for some of my cels! I've made a few changes based on that information. I have started to add screencaps to the movies! Check out Dragon Ball movie 3. Also, I'm working on a Yamucha cel shrine. Check it out HERE

Dragon Ball

Yamucha and Puar
Find the Dragon Balls!
Son Goku
The 21st Tenkaichibudoukai!
Blue Shogun
Versus the Red Ribon Army!
The 22nd Tenkaichibudoukai!
Versus Piccolo-daimaoh!
The 23rd Tenkaichibudokai!

Dragon Ball Z

The Saiyajin Arrive!
Versus Freeza!
Mirai Trunks
Versus the Jinzouningen and Cell!
Great Saiyaman!
Versus Buu!

Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GT


Tao Pai Pai
Dragon Ball Movie 3
Trunks and Gohan
Dragon Ball Z Movie 8
Bulma from DBZ Movie 13
Dragon Ball Z Movie 13
Hachi-Gou aka Ha-chan
Dragon Ball 10th Anniversary Movie

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