Ryu Knight

First, a brief introduction. I started watching Ryu Knight because I thought it looked interesting - I wanted something with a nice mix of humor and action in a fantasy setting. And you know what, I got exactly what I was looking for! It's a fun series, especially the television series, and I highly recommend it. The information and cels below are all based on the television series. I'm not really interested in the either of the two OVA series, even though I've seen them both - they don't have as interesting characterization and plot as the tv series.

I have several nicknames that I tend to (affectionately!) use for the characters when I'm watching the show. First, the hero, Adeu. I usally just refer to him as "The Twit". Izumi is "Priest Dude" and Paffy is "Magic Chick". Sarutobi is too cool for a nickname, but I occasionally call him "Ninja-boy". Gesshin is "Samurai-twit", and Gratches is "Bishy Blue(haired) Boy" or "3B" for short. Katze I usually just call Katze. And Katze's brother, Hittel, is "Katze's brother", aka "that guy with no personality that they introduced in order to give Katze some reason to want to hang out with The Twit and friends". Hagu-Hagu is "the green rodent (I wish it would die already)". Galden is "Evil Dude", sometimes "The Sexy!" and aka "the guy with the most painful looking Ryu summons in the series". Idoro is "the witch with the really REALLY UGLY shoulder pads (spent half the series wishing she would just get killed off already)". The Jaryuzoku are "Spiffy Dragon Guys" and the White Dragon is "Deus ex Machina". ^_^

I'm still deciding how much spoilerism to include in the cel descriptions, since this isn't a series that most people have seen. For now, if there's a significant spoiler I'll make that text black (the same color as the background) so that in order to read it you'll have to highlight that text.

Because sellers tend to sell Ryu Knight cels in giant lots, my collection has grown at a rediculous rate. I decided to split this page up chronologically. This will also probably benefit those who are worried about spoilers. Enjoy!

The Beginning! (Eps 1-4)

Warriors and Elves! (Eps 5-10)

The Dark Knight! (Eps 11-12)

Horror and Samurai! (Eps 13-14)

Old Friends Return! (Eps 15-16)

Phafuricia at War! Where are the King and Queen? (Eps 17-22)

Seireiseki and Paladin! (Eps 23-27)

A New Friend and a History Lesson! (Eps 28-29)

Gather the Seireiseki Weapons! Samurai and Ninja! (Eps 30-32)

Continue to Collect the Seireiseki! (Eps 33-35)

Galden Returns! Jaryuuzoku Invade! The Quest for Seireiseki Continues! (Eps 36-46)

Protect Earthtia! (Eps 47-49)

The Last Battle! (Eps 50-52)

Unidentified Cels (temporary storage) NEW!

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